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I love the power of the nerdy/geeky (I don’t discriminate) internet.  I walked out of the theater on the day Avengers came out thinking frantically about ways that Agent Coulson could survive, and desperate to find someone to talk to about it.  Sadly, none of my family members or friends were particularly interested in this insanity.  Thank God for twitter, AO3 and tumblr.  I found a new community of incredible writers and artists, fell in love with a new pairing (Shield Husbands all the way), and found a lovely distraction from thesis work. 

The internet has granted us the ability to form communities that would never be possible before.  It has also shown to Hollywood the power that a small group of dedicated fans can have.  I haven't been this proud since participating in the great Save Chuck Subway Campaign.  Well done, Agents...

Now, we just need to get Clint and Natasha in the show too.  Imagine all of the the wonderful new source material!

Proof: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/joss-whedon-shield-clark-gregg-avengers-378826


I may not post much, but this movie, and the atmosphere around it has prompted me to.  I was never an Avengers girl when I went through my comic book stage.  I pretty much stayed with X-Men.  But I'm pretty sure I'm in love.  I saw Iron Man in theaters when it came out, twice.  I saw Thor while I was deployed to Alabama doing tornado response with another Red Crosser.  But I only saw the others last week, thanks to my lovely Netflix account.  Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Hulk were fine, but not particularly exciting to me.  However, I had already discovered the wonder that is fandom, thanks to CrackVan.  I started picking up on some of the popular tropes and characters (Tony/Steve, Darcy having a bit of a tendency of becoming somewhat Sue-ish, although usually in acceptable ways, Clint getting paired with anyone and everyone, and the epicness of Coulson).  .  I wasn't sold on any of them, and went into the movie without a favorite pairing, which is always nice.


On To the MovieCollapse )


Keeping me Active

So, apparently I need to post more or they will delete my account.  Despite the fact that I posted on a board a few days ago and comment relatively frequently.  Oh well.  I've really come to love livejournal for my ability to follow several fandoms and find new stories easily.  I'm certain it has its issues, but I haven't really had to deal with them at this point.

So, my newest obsession?  NCIS.  Who woulda thought?  I really didn't expect to love this one.  I know it is the most popular scripted show on TV right now, and I'm not usually into bandwagons.  Still, those reruns did me in.  Not to mention a wonderfully geeky main character, who a series of authors do an excellent job of getting into tons of trouble.  I just finished season 2 of the episodes, and I've watched all of season nine.  Unlike some of my other fandoms, I'm definitely finding that I prefer the fanfiction to the show much of the time.  There are a group of authors who do an excellent job of portraying characters in ways I enjoy, and I generally prefer that to how some of my favorites are treated now.  One weird thing about this show- I'm not shipping anyone.  Usually, I fall into some ship pretty quickly.  When I started reading Trek, I tried both Kirk/Spock and Kirk/McCoy, and immediately fell in love with K/M.  This is pretty typical of me in various different genres.  But with NCIS, I definitely don't prefer any one ship over another.  It's nice, because it opens me up to many more stories. 

Chuck is ending tomorrow night.  I mourn.  I was one of those people who bought a subway sandwich to keep the show alive.  I have a nerd herd hat.  It is one of the few shows I've loved from the very beginning.  I'll be sad to see it go.  Gotta love the geeks.
Sitting on the couch with my broken ankle on a pillow in half of my Hogwarts student costume, I figure I can make up lost time by answering many of the Harry Potter meme questions.  6.5 hours till the movie here!

HP books in order of preference:
1. Prisoner of Azkaban (Amazing characters and an incredible time travel plot that was truly surprising on the first read)
2. Deathly Hallows
3. Goblet of Fire
4. Sorcerer's Stone
5. Chamber of Secrets
6. Half-Blood Prince
7. Order of the Phoenix (In which JK Rowling remembers that teenage boys have hormones.  Yay!  Not.)

Favorite Characters
Hermione Granger- I definitely see some of her in me- her bookworm qualities, tendency to be somewhat bossy, etc.  It was lovely having such a strong female character
Neville Longbottom-  From the very first book, you can see something deep inside of him that shows real pain and real heroism.  The more that is revealed, the better he is.
Remus Lupin- What's not to love.  I feel that his storyline with Tonks is a bit forced, but I love that Harry finally had a positive male role model who took a real interest in his life (other than Dumbledore).
Minerva McGonagall-  She is really awesome.  Powerful, smart, loving (even if it isn't always obvious).  She rocks.

Favorite Fanfiction Story-  Definitely Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Future Past. Incredible stuff.  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2636963/1/Harry_Potter_and_the_Nightmares_of_Futures_Past

Year, Age, and Reason:  I was 11 when my Mom read the first book aloud to my siblings and I.  We eventually read all 7 books aloud together.  It was wonderful. 

Top Moment:  The walk in the woods.  I was in charge of reading aloud at that point, and the book had to be taken away from me because I was sobbing to much to continue reading. 

How the fandom has changed me:  This wasn't my first fandom, but it is one that has lasted the longest.  The waits for each new book, release parties and premieres, and the family bonding experience around them has definitely made this series one of the cornerstones of my experience turning from a child to an adult.

Nothing in Particular

So, I'm pretty new to this whole livejournal thing.  Which isn't to say that I'm new to the wonderful, bewildering world of fanfiction.  Heck, I presented a paper in a conference on the topic of Mary Sues.  Still, I know little of the protocol or standards of posting things here.  At this moment, I don't intend on writing much- although with a good enough prompt, it could happen.  Instead, I'll wander through the varied pages reading stories of astounding quality, and correcting medical errors where ever possible.  I have to use this EMT certification for something (although I doubt my instructors anticipated this use). 

We'll see where all of this goes.



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